Our mission

In accordance with VIDEOTON Holding Zrt. strategy, the main goal of our company is to provide complex products and services to our customers from the automotive - and possibly other - industry, based on plastic injection moulding, complemented with additional technologies such as different kind of decoration – painting, hot stamping, tampon printing - assembly methods - such as mechanical assembling - welding, laser marking or heat staking.

Additionally, our focus is to support the members of the VIDEOTON Holding group, by providing competitive-priced plastic parts to them, to further raise the chance of winning project on the field of toolmaking, part manufacturing, mechanical assembly, electronics, machining, metallization or logistic services.

Company strategy

Our main goal is to build successful and competitive company on the market, aiming for a long-term financial stability and profitability, while staying environmentally responsible and meeting all the work safety requirements. We wish to accomplish these goal while reaching the highest level of cost efficiency possible. Our customer relationships, and the overall trust of partners are the top priority in our business.

Our view on maintaining competitiveness and creating value is based on our repeatedly rationalized work methods and constant development of our work processes. Our company culture is being developed constantly, introducing LEAN principles, to further strengthen the commitment of our co-workers.